System Overview and Architecture Summary

Travel technology reservation-based structure, is one of the most challenging and complex data link industry with the query structure and different channels. The design and software quality of all these processes require minimum error and 99% work. With internet technology and mobile, the need for 24/7 systems is inevitable. Explains why ABFGO is always in working condition and has to use the latest technology and process designs. The integration of the system with scalable, robust, autonomous and other systems is extremely important. The system is based on two technologies;

  • High performance architecture
  • API Integration

abfGO uses the latest technology principles and proved to be scalable with its modular structure. Micro-service-based architecture and improved sales-booking engine can respond to hours of peak usage and intense sales campaigns. Micro-service-based architecture and improved sales-booking engine enable it to respond at high usage hours and during peak hours of sales campaigns. The modular structure also means that rapid development and integration of new functions without loss of quality performance.

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