About abfGO?

abfGO; It is a ticket booking and sales platform that is designed according to the needs of the operator companies, based on the time table in sea, air and bus public transportation. Sales channels centralize marketing and operations management, transparentize management and streamlining business processes. The system is developed in the leading institutions of the sector and has know-how and the system has proven itself in customer experience with the fact that it has been used for over five years.

CRM Tools

It is important for service provider organizations to identify current and targeted customers in order to establish a strong relationship with the customer. It is the nature of abfGO which is developed with CRM base. Every contact made with the customer is related to the system. BI tools and reporting system for targeted customer and segmentation provide detailed data analysis.

abfGO's Features

Sales and Reservation

abfGO has always aimed to increase the sales and marketing capacity of the operator and institution. Its dynamic price management and marketing engine ensures efficient use of resources. Increases seat occupancy rates and manages profit rates. The system supports the following sales channels.

  • WEB and Mobile (B2C)
  • Box Office and Call Center
  • Travel Agents (B2B)
  • API / XML

World Technology is increasing day by day, abfGO can provide different needs besides passenger going A to B point. In order to become a profitable enterprise by holding the market in the competitive environment created by these needs,

  • Targeted customers and segmentation
  • Loyalty System
  • Smart Discounts
  • Campaigns
Inventory Managment

abfGO centralize management is  sales. It has quick and easy points in the seats,  plans and new tools.

  • Vehicle Profile
  • Capacity Planning
  • Seat planning
  • Reservation
Business Administration

abfGO platform offers the flexibility of a number of logical structures to the maximum level, such as logistics architecture, route plans and price lists. Template constructions that are housed in it can be stored in different schedule and hours such as day, week, summer and winter tariffs. In this way, the flight and time table changes are created very friendly which can be managed easily and quickly.

Loyalty Program

The system allows operators to determine their own loyalty schedules and levels.

  • Use of virtual card and physical card with loyalty card reference
  • Expedition-based Score and usage

The digital conversion of the world , where technology and mobility are becoming widespread, electronic documents are now taking the place of paper. The E-Ticket system, which is an important step for the ticketless traveler, also reduces the operational costs.

Accounting System and Income Reports

abfGOis an important infrastructure that succeeds in accounting and income reports. It is a number of complexes such as e-tickets, sales, collections and shift reports and provides accurate reporting to the user successfully. Some of the reports used for cash flow and income reports;

  • Accounting Sales Report
  • Safe Report
  • E-ticket Report
  • Regional Reports
Passenger Information Managment

For safe and standard methods in the abfGO used at the point of communicating situations such as travel information and flight cancellations to passengers. Communication in the following information standards is provided autonomously;

  • SMS and E-mail
  • HTML and API Based
  • Push-Notification
Business Intelligence (BI)

abfGOwith Dashboard and analytical reports is able to generate fast Business Intelligence reports with the adaptation of Power BI and Dynamics CRM tools from Microsoft’s powerful platforms.

  • Sales Units by Sales Channel
  • Passenger Distribution by Category
  • Distribution by Payment Type
  • Daily Occupancy Rates
  • Voyage by Terminal
  • Light User Analysis